Wednesday, August 5, 2015


We are moving right along!  We got all of our dossier papers through the notarization, certification, and authentication process and now our dossier is at our agency for review.  After they have everything put together, reviewed, and translated, they will send our dossier to China and we will officially be DTC (documents to china)!!  God is again providing and your awesome generosity has allowed us to have the funds needed at each step so far and we are beyond grateful!  Our agency will be asking the CCCWA (China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption) to expedite our dossier by first logging it into their system faster than usual and then reviewing it faster than usual.  IF they comply with this, we could possibly be looking at mid October travel!  (I'm still kind of in shock at how fast this adoption has gone compared to Ashers!)

We also just ended our t-shirt fundraiser with a total of 21 shirts sold and a $190 profit for the adoption.  Thank you all SO much for your continued support through this second journey of adoption.

We will continue to have our PUZZLE FUNDRAISER going until all the pieces have been sponsored and you can click the link above for more info on how to support that.

We recently sent a care package to Hannah that included a translated letter from us, a photo album of family pics, some candy to share with friends and nannies, and a flash drive that they will hopefully fill with pictures of our sweet girl.  The amazing Angela from Ladybugs 'n Love put it together and will keep us updated on it.

We are getting SO excited to travel to China soon and meet our Hannah.  We are so very thankful that the whole family is traveling this time and we will all meet her together and have a wonderful two weeks of bonding time in Guangzhou.  My brother-in-law will also be traveling with us to help with the kids and experience the awesomeness of China :)  I'm anxious and nervous to find out how transversing the Hong Kong airport and then having a 14 1/2 hour plane ride with 5 kids will be!

Please continue to pray that this adoption process would proceed according to God's will and timetable and that He would prepare Hannah for all the changes that are approaching.  We love you all!


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