Friday, September 25, 2015


Just thought I'd let you all know where we are in the process!  After receiving our I800 approval we were issued a GUZ # from the NVC (National Visa Center) that allowed us to fill out an online application for Hannah's visa.  That paperwork was then sent to China where an Article 5 will be issued.  Once that is dropped off/picked up (I'm told it will be September 29th) we will officially be in the TA (travel approval) wait!  There are upcoming holidays in the end of September and the beginning of October that will delay our travel and possibly delay us in getting TA, but I'm fairly confident that we will be traveling in mid to late October to bring home our girl!

We were excited the other day to receive all 7 of our passports back with our fresh 10 year visas in them!  All the kids and my brother-in-law will be traveling with us this time and I'm really excited.  It was incredibly hard to be away from our boys a year ago when we were in China to bring Asher home.  It's CRAZY that we will be in China pretty much one year from the time we were there last year!  If things get pushed back enough, we could potentially have close to identical travel dates.  We left last year on November 7th, Gotcha on the 10th, and CA on the 19th.  I definitely don't want to wait until November to meet our sweet Hannah, but if we have to, it would be pretty cool to have the dates be so close.

We have also finished our puzzle thanks to the generous donations that came in through our GoFundMe!  We are now roughly (it's pretty impossible to be exact at this point) $7,000 from being fully funded.  That is still a large amount, but our awesome God knows what He is doing and nothing is too big for Him!  We are SO thankful for the outpouring of love, support, and donations.  It has truly touched our hearts and we are so excited to share photos with you of Hannah in our arms.  It has been the body of Christ that has made all this possible!  We love you all!


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