Friday, September 20, 2013

Well, we are kinda bummed.  We are facing a little delay in getting our Letter of Intent wired to China.  We have paid our application fees and have pretty much everything emailed to our agency, but I'm having to get my physical done now to send to China with our letter/info because my BMI (body mass index) is 6 points higher than what China usually accepts.  China has some VERY strict rules for adopting children.  They do however, give a lot of waivers if the couple is trying to adopt a Special Focus child, which Asher is.  He is considered Special Focus not only because he has Down Syndrome, but also because he has been on the waiting list for so long.  This means that our letter and info won't go to China until the week of October 1st.  Then it could be another two weeks before we hear back from China telling us if we are approved to adopt Asher.  As I mentioned in my last post, I'm terribly impatient.  I am trying to spend this time praying and worshiping to keep my heart in the right place.  God's timing is perfect and He has a reason why we are facing this delay. 

Your prayers would be much appreciated during this time of waiting and for provision.  If we get the approval from China, we will still need to come up with $7500-$8000 to get us to the point where we can apply for grants and use the grant that has already been donated to Asher through Reece's Rainbow.  We know God has this all in His hands and He will provide!

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