Friday, November 22, 2013

Giving thanks!

Okay, are you all ready for some awesome news?!?  WE HAVE THE $2500 FOR OUR FIRST AGENCY FEE!!!!  We have been beyond blessed to receive an EXTREMELY generous donation and we are praising God for his goodness!  Just when you feel like you are going it alone, God taps you on the shoulder and says, "I'm here.  I've always been here.  I'm going to take care of my children." 

Here is the story.  A friend of mine and her husband had been setting some money aside to give and they picked us to be blessed by this amazing gift.  They had lost count of how much was there, but had decided they wanted to help us bring our son home.  They had read my post about needing $2500 for our first fee so they counted it up and guess how much it was?  It was exactly $2500!!!  Does anybody else have goosebumps?  When she told me about wanting to give us this gift, I was instantly in tears.  I was overwhelmed by their generosity and by the way God works in and through us all for his purpose. 

We have been so moved by the generosity that keeps pouring in through donations and through those participating in our fundraisers.  We can now pay our first agency fee and then we will have $600 to apply to the next fee on the list.  You guys are all becoming a part of this incredible story of God ransoming one of his beloved children and we are so thankful!

With Thanksgiving only days away, I had to share this amazing story with you all.  I hope you all will be incredibly blessed.  I want to leave you with some lyrics to a song that touched my heart today:

"Oh Father, You have given
Much more than I deserve
And I have felt Your hand of blessing
On me at every turn

How could I doubt Your goodness
Your wisdom, Your grace.



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