Friday, November 8, 2013

Waiting and fundraising

We are so thankful and excited to be moving forward in our journey to Asher!  Thanks to the generous donations of so many wonderful people, we were able to make the first half of our payment to our homestudy agency today!  We will now be assigned a social worker who will get to know us and visit our home.  This is a big deal, because without their approval, we don't move forward.

Our next steps right now will be more waiting and intense fundraising.  We still have a $2500 fee that we need to pay our adoption agency.  They gave us a 90 day deadline, which would be January 13th.  They will grant one 90 day extension, but our urgency lies in the fact that we must have our completed dossier logged into the system in China within 6 months of our pre-approval, which was October 29th.  It typically takes 4-5 months to complete the dossier and we can't begin it until we pay our agency's all an exhausting, vicious circle.

We have been SO incredibly blessed by the generosity we have received so far.  We can't wait to tell Asher how loved he was before we ever brought him home!  I have also been fortunate enough to earn extra money through my crochet business and doing some babysitting.  Every extra penny we have is making its way into the Asher fund, but we are still coming up short for our agency fee.

We will have our puzzle fundraiser going on until every piece is sponsored, and we have also started two other fundraisers.  Until November 30th, you can visit this link to purchase books through Usborne Books, and your purchase will help us raise funds.  Until November 29th, you can visit this link to purchase items through 31, and your purchase will help us raise funds.  We thought these two fundraisers were great with the upcoming holiday season, for those looking to buy Christmas gifts.

As always, please continue to pray for us as we move forward in this journey God has called us to.  We would appreciate specific prayer that our homestudy/social worker visits would go well and the Lord's will would be done.  Thank you and love you all!


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