Tuesday, March 18, 2014


It's been awhile, so I thought I'd give you all an update.  We are currently waiting for our immigration paperwork to be approved, and that will be the last part of our dossier that is needed!  It feels so good to be at this point and I can't wait to mail our dossier off to our agency.  We need to get our fingerprints done (again!) to complete our immigration stuff, so we will be traveling to Indy on Thursday to get this done.  We will also be getting the remainder of our other papers certified by the Secretary of State while we are there.  We ended up having to redo 4 of our previously certified papers so they wouldn't be rejected when they get to the Chinese Consulate for authentication.  Thank goodness Indiana does charge to get papers certified!  A lot of other states charge anywhere from $10-$25 per paper. 

After our fingerprints are taken and the rest of our papers are certified, we just wait to get our approval letter from the USCIS for immigration.  Once we receive that, we go back to Indy to get that paper certified, and then send it to Chicago to be authenticated.  At that point, our dossier will be DONE!  I seriously can't wait to have it fully complete! 

My biggest concern right now is the funds to get our dossier to China.  We will have to pay our 2nd agency fee of $2,350 and a fee to the CCCWA (China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption) for $775 before our dossier can be sent.  We have a deadline for our dossier arriving in China and being logged in, so it is VERY important that we get these fees paid soon.  I am completely at the mercy of God's provision.  We have done a number of fundraisers, two garage sales, and I've been picking up extra work babysitting and crocheting.  I also just started selling Norwex products in the hopes of making more money for our adoption.  I feel tapped out.  I'm not sure what else to do beyond what I'm already doing. 

We still have our puzzle fundraiser going on here: Puzzle fundraiser and that will continue until our puzzle is complete.  We would love to have this completed by the time we bring Asher home so we can hang it in his room.

Would you pray with me friends?  I need to feel God's calm and peace in this situation.  I am majorly stressing about getting the funds we need in the short time we need them, even though I know God has provided up to this point.  Thank you all.


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