Thursday, April 10, 2014

We made it in the news!

I am so excited to say that our adoption story was featured in our local newspaper today!  A wonderful friend I've made through this adoption process, connected me with a local journalist for the Fort Wayne News Sentinel and she wrote a wonderful article about our family.  The kids are super excited to have their picture in the paper :)  I am excited to get our story out past our smaller circle of family and friends.  It's such a blessing to our family and I pray positive things will come from it.

We have no new news on our paperwork or funding.  We are in a long waiting stage, but hopefully that will be ending soon.  We are still waiting on our immigration application to be approved.  We are now on day number 32 of waiting.  At this point, it looks like it's taking people around 39-40 days to get approval, so we should be hearing soon.

I would just like to ask for your continued prayers during this time.  It is very hard for me to wait on anything in general, but having my son a world away takes every ounce of strength I have.  I am relying heavily upon the Lord each day, but thankfully, He graciously provides for me what is needed.  It might not be what I think I need, but it's what He knows I need and when I need it.  He is growing me and I'm so thankful!  I'm also very thankful for your thoughts and prayers.  You will never know how much your support means to all of us.  God bless!



  1. Hi Carly! A friend sent us your newspapers article which connected me to your blog! So excited to "meet" your family and see God glorified as your family walks this journey of faith! We also had 3 homegrown kiddos before adoption - from Ethiopia. Our first adoption was in 2011. While we were in country, God ROCKED our world for children with special needs. Last July we completed our second Ethiopian adoption... the loveliest little boy who also happens to have DS. One of the best decisions we have ever made! Excited to follow the rest of your journey! Will pray... the wait is so tough... but SO worth it! Blessings, Meg

    1. Meg, it's so good to hear from you!! Thank you so much for reaching out and sending your prayers! I love getting connected to other adoptive families and I'd love to hear more about your little one with DS. God bless!