Monday, April 21, 2014


We finally received our immigration approval last week!  We got notification via phone on Monday the 14th, and then received our official letter of approval  several days later.  Our next step will be to take a copy of this approval, along with a few other papers we had to redo, to Indy on Friday to get the stamps from the Secretary of State's office.  Once that is done, I will mail these final papers to Chicago to have the Chinese Consulate put their final stamps of approval on them.  Then we will have a completed dossier!!!  I am so very excited for this!  At the beginning of this journey, it seemed so impossible that we would ever get to this point, but here we are! :)

We have received a few donations since our story was in the paper.  $425 worth to be exact.  What an incredible blessing!  We know God will continue to provide however He has planned.

We still haven't received a translation for Asher's ECHO yet, and I'm very anxious to get that.  It would be so wonderful to see how his heart is functioning now after his surgery, and what might lay ahead after we bring him home.  I'm feeling very impatient these days, waiting for updates and new pictures.  I just love seeing new images of our little boy and learning new things about him.  It's SO hard for this Mama to have a piece of my heart so far away and out of my reach.

We are still hoping to travel in October, but it will all depend on how quickly we can get the remaining funds together to get our dossier to China, and then how long it takes China to approve our dossier.

As always, we ask for your prayers and we are so very thankful for your support!


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