Friday, August 1, 2014

Where we stand.

Well, I've received emails back from our agency and I've been doing some calculating.  It appears we are still several thousand away from being fully funded.  Don't be discouraged though!  God has provided up to this point and He doesn't intend to leave us hanging now :)

I've got some jewelry left from our Compelled Designs fundraiser (ending soon!) and we've still got a puzzle to complete!  Jon and I will be doing our very best to raise any extra funds we can on our own, but we are continually praying for God's provision and God's leading others to keep coming along side us in the journey to bring this sweet boy home.

Here is a current picture of our puzzle.  If you'd like to sponsor a piece, you can donate $25 through our Paypal donate button at the top left.

We are resting in faith as God's plans unfold!


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