Monday, October 7, 2013

I was hoping for better news to start out my week, but that is not what I got.  It's not the worst news in the world, but it feels like hitting a wall.  In order for us to be able to pursue adopting this sweet little girl along with our Asher, we need to have $1200 up front and we just don't have that right now.  We have looked into adoption loans and things similar to that to pay for adoption costs, but Jon and I don't feel like the Lord wants us to go into incredible debt to adopt.  Jon is working 50+ hours a week and I am trying to pick up as much extra work as I can as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom, but at the end of the day, we are just going to have to rely on God's provision and the generosity of others.  I wish more than anything that we could just pull this money from somewhere, and bring these angels home.  I hate that money is what stands in the way of them having forever families, but we must just have faith.  If Got wants this little girl to be part of our family, if he wants Asher to be part of our family, then He will provide the necessary funds at the necessary times.

We are also still at a stand-still for the paperwork from the Dr. office to proceed with Asher's adoption.  I feel in my heart that God is allowing this waiting period because He is leading us to adopt this precious girl.  Here is her picture so you can all see her sweet face :)  Please pray with us family and friends!


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  1. Hi Carly, I saw that about a month or so ago, you were interested in adopting both Asher and "Isabella" from RR. We have been praying for Isabella to find a family for some time now and have donated multiple times to her RR fund. Are you still interested in adopting her? Is money the only thing standing in the way? Are you aware that she her fund at RR is almost $1700? Also, are you aware that the tax credit for adoption applies PER CHILD (rather than per adoption). This means that if you adopt two children at once, you get a double tax credit? I'm not sure how high the tax credit is now, but if it's $13,000 that means you would receive a $26,000 credit (I think, but double check with a tax accountant). I would love to send you money to get Asher and her as well, but we are in the midst of our own adoption right now. I have donated to Isabella's account numerous times on RR and I would love to see you become her family! If my husband comes upon an additional real estate commission, I will let you know because we would love to donate. God bless, Andrea. My email is