Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our journey officially begins!

Amazing news came today!!  We received pre-approval from China for our son!  I was starting to think it would never come, but God is faithful!  We are just over the moon excited and SO ready to move forward.  There is so much to do and so much to think about and get organized, but I'm up for the challenge :) 

Our next big steps are raising the funds for our first agency fee of $2500 and the fee of $800 to get our homestudy started.  The homestudy is when our social worker will start getting to know us and visit our house several times to make sure everything is safe and ready for Asher.  We will not be able to adopt him unless our social worker gives us the stamp of approval.  That paperwork, along with A TON of other papers, will then go to China where they will need to have final approval from the social welfare system.

I mentioned our first fundraiser, a puzzle fundraiser, in my last post.  We have a 336 piece puzzle with this picture on it.
Each piece can be "sponsored" for $25 and when you sponsor a piece, we will write your family or individual name on the back of the piece.  This can be done by either clicking on our Paypal Donate button at the top left side of our blog, or you can message me for our address to send a check.  After every piece has been sponsored, we will have raised $8400!  That money will cover everything in the first half of our adoption process.  Our agency fees, our homestudy fees, all our paperwork, fingerprints, passports, visas.  We will also have this wonderful puzzle with the names of all the amazing, generous people who helped us bring our little boy home and we will be hanging it on the wall by Asher's bed.  What a blessing it would be to have you all partner with us in completing our puzzle! 

We thank each and every one of you who have already helped with donations, support, encouragement, and most importantly prayers.  We have been so blessed by family and friends and we can't wait to share Asher with you all!


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