Thursday, January 2, 2014

Amazing news!

I am so excited to say that the week of January 20th we will be Give1Save1's featured family!!  What does that mean and who is Give1Save1?  They are a group who saw the need to help families fundraise.  What they do is feature a new family every week and promote them as much as they can via their social media.  They ask people to donate just $1.  That's it.  Just $1.  If enough people would respond to this small request, the outcome could be amazing! 

So, our week will start on January 20th.  Our story will be told and our video will be shown.  We have two very large agency fees coming up, $2,350 and $1.950, that will have to be paid before we can send our paperwork to China.  This could be such a blessing for us!  What are we asking of you?  We would be blessed if you would consider donating $1 and helping us spread the word.  When our week gets here, I will be sharing a link to our Give1Save1 campaign and if you would share it, we would be SO thankful!  You can also visit, Like, and share their facebook page:   You can also visit their blog to learn more:

I have been praying like crazy as we approach our next fees.  We've been so blessed by the donations we've received so far and every step we take brings us closer to our son.  I am so anxious to get to him!  I need to have him safe in my arms.  I need to know he is healthy.  I need to hear his voice; hear his laugh.  I ache to kiss his face.  Please consider helping us make this fundraiser as successful as possible!!  Love you all!


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