Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Well, we just ended our t-shirt fundraiser and our Give1Save1 fundraiser and I'm excited to say that we raised $860 combined from the two!  We sold 33 t-shirts and had a fantastic amount of Give1Save1 supporters.  We feel SO blessed by everyone's support for us and for Asher!

I am really excited about our next fundraiser!  We will be selling bracelets through the Apparent Project.  These bracelets are made by Haitian women who need help feeding their families.  We will be getting 150 of these beautiful handmade, paper bead bracelets to sell.  They will be $8 + $2 shipping.  For every bracelet sold, half goes back to the women in the project and we get to keep half toward our adoption.  It's such a great way to support us as well as supporting these amazing women who are working to keep their families together.  Here is the link to their website if anyone would like to check it out and I will write another blog post when the bracelets are here! http://www.apparentproject.org/fundraisers/4572681975

I also thought I'd give another puzzle update since we've added another 30 + pieces!  That puts us at 220 pieces sponsored!  How incredible is that?!  Only 116 more pieces and this puzzle will be whole.  This is an ongoing fundraiser so keep praying the remainder of the pieces get sponsored.  (Those who donated $25 or more during our Give1Save1 fundraiser also got their name on the back of a puzzle piece. )

God bless!

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