Wednesday, January 8, 2014

T-shirt Fundraiser!

We are so excited to launch our t-shirt fundraiser today!  My brother designed the shirt and I love it!  We used John 14:18 and incorporated red and yellow to represent China.  This fundraiser will run until January 20th.  Our goal in that time is to sell at least 50 shirts.  At 50 shirts sold we will have raised $470 toward bringing Asher home!  We need to sell a minimum of 20 shirts for the order to go to print.  If you purchase a shirt but we don't reach 20, your money will be refunded to you.  If the order goes to print, your shirt should arrive on or around the 3rd of February.  These shirts will not only help us get closer to Asher, but they will help raise awareness for orphans!  We have sizes ranging from Youth XS all the way up to Adult 4XL, so there is something for everyone!  We would be so thankful if you would consider purchasing a t-shirt and also help us spread the word.   Thank you all!

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