Monday, November 24, 2014


Since I was unable to make any blog posts in Guangzhou, on the last part of our adoption trip, I thought I'd do a post including highlights from that time and also our homecoming.

Our time in Guangzhou was infinitely better that our time in Changsha.  There were MANY other American adopting families and our hotel was wonderful.  Also, Asher really started to get more used to us, and especially warm up to me.

We got to take a city tour and also go on a boat cruise on the Pearl River with our CCAI group.  It was wonderful to get out and see some beautiful places!

We had Asher's medical exam, which went great and we visted the US Consulate to take our oath and get Asher's visa and final paperwork.

When the 21st came, we were SO ready to get home.  We had a looong day of travel ahead, a 2 1/2hr van ride to the Hong Kong airport, a 14 1/2hr plane ride to Chicago, and then a 3hr car ride home.  It was so amaing to see our boys again and we were so thankful to our family that drove all the way to Chicago to make our homecoming so wonderful!

Asher has been doing AMAZING at home!  I am so thankful for this wonderful transition.  We have a while to go before we beat this jet lag, but everything else has been so wonderful and sweet. 

 We are looking forward to getting Asher into occupational therapy and speech therapy.  We have so much hope for his future!

We are so blessed by this addition to our family and so very thankful to everyone who helped us get him home!  God is so good and so faithful!


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